Daniela Muscat, Recruiter

Whilst iGaming is one of Malta’s largest industries, it still remains a taboo subject amongst many Maltese people. I think many people do not really understand the industry itself, apart from the revenue it generates for Malta.  They focus on some of the perks of working within the gaming industry, such as the social events, and maybe don’t consider it as an industry they can pursue a career in.

My family were also a little sceptical at first.  However, they quickly realised how happy I was and have always supported me in my choices since then.

I initially joined the iGaming industry and Apsire Global when I turned 21.  Looking back through the years, I am very proud of the way I have grown and how the workplace has helped shape my character and also helped me mature.

Before joining the industry, I was working two part-time jobs (TEFL teacher and sales assistant), but they didn’t really inspire me.  Although back then I didn’t know much about the iGaming industry, it very much intrigued me and it seemed a natural choice because of its rapid growth and the buzz about it on the island.