Denise, Product Development

I had worked in IT for nine years before I joined Betsson.  The main motivation for coming into iGaming was the very fast-paced and dynamic environment that the industry operates in. I was eager to take on new challenges by joining a completely new industry and this allowed me to even challenge myself to aim for (and reach!) new limits by moving away from a technical role and into a managerial stream. I had been considering joining the industry for a while; and as I was speaking to connections and getting a feel from their first-hand experience within the industry, I knew I had to experience it for myself.

You get to meet and work with such creative and dedicated people from so many different countries and cultures. What’s more, this industry is all about entertainment and at the core of this is the customer experience. I believe that great a customer experience can only be achieved by understanding customer needs and by having all teams work together towards common goals to continuously improve the experience.

On a more personal level, the industry also challenges me to continuously move out of my comfort zone as I take on new projects or initiatives. This is something that I had not experienced before, and it drives me on every day.