Lea, Search Engine Optimization

After I graduated, I was working for a corporate company in their Tax department. I felt that this wasn’t exciting enough for me, so I decided to give iGaming a shot and applied for a role as a Customer Service rep.

The best things about working in this industry, for me, are the office environment and the people. We are lucky enough to work in a great office, and that makes working life so much better. So do the people – really supportive, ready to share and learn from each other, and great fun to be around.

I think sometimes people believe that we (as in people in iGaming) do nothing apart from drink beer all day and get paid lots of money. The truth is that a lot is expected of us; and it can be a real rollercoaster of hard work, development and, of course, fun!

I’ve had a great career journey so far; but what’s also been great is the opportunity to improve my personal skills, by volunteering for such things as a mental health first aid course, planning events and a lot more!