Shawn, IT

My first job in iGaming was at Betsson. From day one, I was working on big projects – and it wasn’t long before I was approached by the IT Security team to join their team. This gave me a completely different perspective into everything from firewalls and phishing to penetration testing and hacking.

When I joined Hero Gaming, I was the only person taking care of internal IT. Since then, we’ve built the team and I’ve taken on bigger projects, such as taking responsibility for our data centre and hardware set-up for our production environment.

If you want to get into the industry, you have to be ready for this level of responsibility – and ready to learn. Not only by being guided what to do, but also by coming up with concepts derived from research and data analysis.

Remember, iGaming isn’t just about the pay. It’s the environment you work in, the respect you get from your colleagues, feeling safe and feeling appreciated.