Stefania, Head of Talent Management at GiG

I have always been fascinated by talented people. After completing my Bachelors degree in psychology, I continued my studies in Occupational Psychology at University of Leicester. Whilst studying remotely, I started my first job in the iGaming industry with Yobetit in 2015, as a PA to the CEO. I got to attend a lot of important meetings where I learned the ins and outs of the industry, particularly during a time when regulations were not as demanding as they are today. 

Working within a small company exposed me to diverse facets of the business, enabling me to learn from my colleagues in different departments. As there was no dedicated HR department, I naturally gravitated towards handling employee matters and HR administrative tasks. This eventually led me to do my thesis on the motivation of employees in the igaming industry.

In 2018 I started my career at GiG, as an HR admin. Being in such an innovative industry, I was keen to learn and to expand my knowledge, and was fascinated to be surrounded by so many talented people. I wanted to thrive, and as GiG encouraged microlearning, I began shadowing my manager and colleagues in meetings, sitting down with people in different departments to find out how they worked, so the next step of becoming a people’s partner came naturally to me. 

This is the area where I have spent the biggest chunk of my career so far, collaborating with leaders, aligning HR initiatives with business goals, making data driven recommendations and implementing organisational change. Fast-forward six years, and I now hold the position of Head of Talent Management at GiG, overseeing a team of people partners. 

Being such a volatile industry definitely keeps you engaged and on your toes, which is one of the advantages of working in such an industry, you don’t have time to get bored – you have to be open to change and adapt quickly.  When I first decided to move into iGaming I heard the usual misconceptions from family and friends – about job stability, concerns of exploitation or fears of personal involvement in gambling. Naturally this is not the case, as the reality is that iGaming companies are highly regulated with a lot of compliance responsibilities. 

In Malta I think many people tend to stay at traditional companies because it is seen as safe. However I have been observing a shift of mindset, with more people embracing the industry as a platform for professional growth, to showcase their talents, and create connections in this most diverse and inclusive of industries.

The iGaming industry is definitely a Pandoras box, brimming with opportunities, offering the ability to learn, freedom to build your own success, and to create your own goals and the strategies to achieve them. Working in this industry has been remarkable learning curve, with a lot of achievements and milestones along the way – one of them being awarded HR Gaming Idol of 2023 – and I would encourage anyone to consider giving it a try!