Vanessa, HR

I started my career in radio. I was never on air (unfortunately); I worked in the back office, in the advertising team.

I have been in sales for many years and love everything about marketing. I saw a natural fit of marketing and HR – and so became a recruiter with a leading recruitment agency in Malta.

It was from here that I moved into iGaming with Genesis Global, first as a recruiter and then moving into more generalist HR roles. I hadn’t intentionally focused on the gaming industry – it was one of the industries that I looked at. But when the opportunity came about, I just knew I had to take it.

This is a really dynamic industry. I love the way that you are encouraged to keep developing, and there’s a really great culture full of people from different backgrounds – and countries. I am proud to be in this industry – and with my team. We’ve done some amazing things together.

My advice for anyone interested in iGaming? Go for it!