Environmental Protection

Malta is a country with a lot of fantastic nature to offer, and it is important for us as an industry to help preserve the local environment. This is a very small country with a very large population – in fact it is one of the most densely populated countries in the EU – and this obviously puts a lot of demands on the environment. To be frank, one thing you will experience in Malta is litter. This can be distressing, but there are a number of initiatives to combat it which are showing some positive effects in changing attitudes. Malta recently introduced rubbish sorting, with recycling for plastics and glass plus organic waste, and there are volunteer organisations as well as regular company drives to clean up sensitive areas, which you can be a part of if you wish.

To show our support, we help fund and organise clean-up events that take part in different parts of the Maltese Islands. At the same time, many companies have embraced green energy in their offices, especially solar energy (after all, we get a lot of sunshine).  We’ve also seen companies look at waste management, such as in-office recycling, ‘circular showers’ (recirculating water to save on waste water), reselling IT equipment and using reusable containers rather than single-use plastics. Let’s all pull together to make this an even better place to live and work!