Frequently Asked Questions

Why did iGaming come to Malta?
The Maltese government established regulations and a regulator to oversee the sector much earlier than most other governments. Most European Union members still do not have their own nation rules in place and beyond the EU, most governments of the world either have no rules, or at best unclear rules, to oversee online gaming. By being an international license and in an EU member state, Malta filled that gap and continues to do so.

How does the industry protect players?
Gaming companies do a great deal to protect players where gambling may become an issue. Take a look at our Responsible Gaming page.

What types of jobs are there in iGaming?
The industry employs such a wide range of skills from Developers to Data Scientists, from Finance to Customer Support. Find out more on our Careers page.

Is iGaming dominated by foreign nationals?
Malta has built a reputation as an international hub for iGaming. Most of the biggest businesses in iGaming are now based here. So it’s no surprise that the workforce comprises a significant number of foreign nationals, and we’re proud to have a truly multinational workforce. As our industry continues to grow we’re keen to attract more Maltese nationals, and you can read some testimonials from our Maltese workforce on our careers page here.

What’s the best way to get a job in iGaming?
We are always looking for great talent to join the industry. The best advice is to do your research and be sure that this is the industry you want to work in. Prepare your CV and target the jobs that suit your background the best. All companies have career sites which offers a great way to get in touch with their talent acquisitions teams. Be persistent, don’t give up and you will land your dream job. You can also search hundreds of vacancies from the leading iGaming companies on our job search page here.

What is iGaming doing to prevent criminal activity?
Take a look at the page on Responsible Business.