‘Role in Focus’, meet Adam, Global Head of Recruitment from Betsson

In the first monthly focus on opportunities in the iGaming industry, Why iGaming talks to Adam Woodley – Global Head of Recruitment at Betsson about his role and what it entails.


Adam, can you give a breakdown of your role as Global Head of Recruitment at Betsson, what does the role entail?

In terms of my role the buck really does stop with me when it comes to hiring and covers areas such as; coaching the team and hiring managers, performance management, optimisation of the recruitment processes, setting of hiring priorities, point of escalation and resolution, supplier relationships, budget management and control. It’s a role I’ve performed since Jan 2019 with ultimate responsibility for the whole Recruitment and Talent Acquisition function here at Betsson Group. I have 6 direct reports with an overall responsibility of a Global team consisting 13 Recruiters; 10 in Malta, 1 in Budapest, 1 in Tallinn and 1 in Stockholm.

Could you describe the day-to-day tasks you undertake?

I’m also still hands-on with recruitment so I handle all Director level roles and above as well as also being responsible for new market hiring when we open up a new International office, for example our LATAM Hub in Bogota which we opened last year and our Betsafe US office which we’re about to open imminently.

How long have you been in this position?

Global Head of Recruitment for 3 years (since Jan 2019.) Before this I was the Recruitment Manager for Commercial. I joined Betsson in May 2015

What were the qualifications and experience required for this role?

I began my career in recruitment back in 2003 so fast approaching 20 years in the Industry! My career is split between agency recruitment and in-house with my in-house experience now eclipsing my agency experience in terms of years (11). Like most, I ‘fell’ into recruitment straight after graduating from University in the UK and never really looked back. After a brief flirtation back into agency recruitment when I moved to Malta in 2014, I was quickly turned onto Betsson and knew I had to find a way into the company which I successfully did in May 2015…now I stand almost 7 years on, still here and still firmly believing this is the Employer of Choice and hands down the best company I’ve ever had the opportunity to be a part of.

How would you describe you work environment, and the people you work with?

The best thing about Betsson is its ‘people.’ I’ve never known a culture quite like it, but our unique melting pot of cultures and experiences really make this a rewarding and fun place to call home.

Where do you see the potential role progression for you?

Good question but many people fall into the trap of focusing only on promotion when it comes to role progression. For me growth comes in many forms and having the ability to work on so many new markets and tapping into new talent pools is what keeps me excited about the future and helps me grow as a recruitment leader.


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Many thanks to Adam at www.betssongroup.com