Feature: The Foodbank Lifeline Foundation

iGEN regularly sponsors deserving individuals and charities as a way of giving back to the community. On 23rd June 2023, iGEN invited four organisations to present their charitable work, with the aim of securing sponsorship from our members. The four organisations were Malta Community Chest Foundation, Puttinu Cares, Foodbank Lifeline Foundation and the newly formed Malta Ranger Unit, and each had a 15-minute slot to present.

When an individual, couple or family find themselves in a crisis, arising from situations like benefit delays, low income, homelessness, sickness or housing issues, it can take some time for Care Professionals in Malta to find a long-term solution to help them regain some control of their lives.

That is where the Foodbank Lifeline Foundation step in. They ensure that anyone in such a situation will have access to enough food in the short-term, until a more long-term solution is found.

Foodbank Lifeline provides non-perishable emergency 7-day food packs, including canned food, cereals, pasta, sauces and rice, always as nutritionally balanced as possible – to individuals, couples or families who are struggling to find money for food.

Volunteers packing food parcels ready for distribution

Foodbank Lifeline relies entirely on the generosity of people and businesses. What they receive as food donations is checked, sorted and included into weekly food packs. What they receive as monetary donations is used to purchase food from various supermarkets and distributors with whom they have built a relationship over the years.

​Whilst the number of individuals, couples and families they help varies on a weekly basis, since their formation in 2015 the situation is that demand for their foodbank has grown. On average Foodbank Lifeline provide well over 16,000 food packs a year, helping to feed people in 300+ homes.

Read more: https://www.foodbanklifeline.com/