Moving to Malta, meet Camilla from Betsson

In the first monthly feature on Moving to Malta, we talk to Camilla from Betsson and ask her about her journey in the iGaming industry and relocating to the Maltese Islands


Can you describe the journey that brought you to applying for a job in the iGaming industry in Malta?

I moved to Malta in May 2013 because I got a job in a small start-up content company. Like many other expats, I moved with the intention to try it out for 6 months. But I really enjoyed my job, found very good friends, and created a life on this little island that I eventually started calling my home, and now – almost 9 years later – I’m still here. 
I was working at the start-up company for nearly five years, and one sunny November day (because here the sun shines in November – lucky us!) I went to the iGaming conference, SiGMA and passed by the Betsson Group stand where I, by chance, started talking to one of the employees there who turned out to be a recruiter. A few days after we connected on LinkedIn, we spoke about a role that I then applied and interviewed for, which I then was offered. It’s now been three years with Betsson Group and I couldn’t be happier with my role and the company.

What position do you have at Betsson?

My title is ‘Employee Experience Specialist’. In my role, I run the three-day induction training program for all new starters joining us, introducing them to the company, departments, processes, and people. We usually induct new starters every two weeks. I also take care of the local and global, now online, events and employee experiences that we run in the organisation together with my amazing team. We work a lot with internal training and communication and I keep close contact with the Betssonites both in Malta and all over the world.

Where are you from? 

Stockholm, Sweden.

What was the initial interview process and follow up in applying for your position? 

It started off with an initial call with the recruiter. Following that, I met with the hiring manager. I then had an interview with other stakeholders in the HR department and lastly, I had a final interview with the recruiter before being offered the position. During this process I’ve got to know more about Betsson, the team and the sort of things I’d be responsible for so when I did get the offer, I knew it was the right step for my career.

Did you have any preconceptions of Malta, had you heard of Malta? 

I only heard of Malta a year before I moved here, and the reason for this was because one of my best friends had moved here. I came to visit him a year later and got a very good impression of the island. I mean, it was close to 25 degrees in April, what more could a Stockholm girl ask for?

How was the relocation process? How long did it take you to move? 

It was very speedy; it took me only three weeks from when I accepted the job and decided to actually pack up my belongings in Sweden to unpack them in Malta.

Did you encounter any paperwork/visa issues, how did you overcome these? 

It was a simple process once you wrapped your head around which offices you needed to go to get everything you need. Back in 2013 the process was still very manual and online services were not an option, so you had to call, walk, and work your way through limited opening hours. Nowadays the process is easier as most information is online, and some services can also be applied for online.

What have been the specific challenges in relocating? 

To adjust to the small offering of milk products! Joking aside, the main challenge was to integrate myself into a new culture, putting myself out there to get to know new people and learning that if I want something, I had to work for it. Whilst it’s always challenging to do this, at the end it is what makes us grow stronger so instead of fearing the challenges it’s better to embrace them and learn from them.
Process wise, the main challenge was to get the ID card process started and completed, however, it’s a one-off thing you will do and once it’s done, it’s done.

How and where did you find support?

I was lucky to have my best friend here and when I moved here, I got to know some locals, so thanks to these people I never felt alone in anything I did. If I would have relocated to start my journey at Betsson Group, I know that I would have gotten full support both from the recruiter, travel coordinator, the HR team, and the manager. This is what we take great pride in and what we also receive fantastic feedback for.

What are the highlights of living in Malta?

For me, it’s that life is so easy. You don’t need two weeks of planning to grab a coffee with a friend, you don’t have to commute for an hour to get to that restaurant and you meet so many like minded people like yourself.
And most importantly, you don’t have to fear the long, dark and grey winters. The sun is shining most days in Malta, and this has a huge impact on my happiness. This is what makes me choose Malta over and over again, every day. 


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