One of our biggest priorities as an industry is the protection of players and consumers


The vast majority of players enjoy gambling online without any problems.  For a very small group of people, though, gambling can cause problems – personal, financial or social and psychological.  The protection of players is fundamental to all iGaming companies in Malta, and not simply because we are bound by the regulation of the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and other jurisdictions.  

Operators are constantly overseen and the regulator ensures they are abiding by the established laws and rules on responsible gambling. As part of its Responsible Gaming programme, the MGA imposes strict limitations on advertising. Operators are not to exploit the vulnerable or underage players who are at risk of developing a gambling problem. Advertisements must not offer unfair promotional schemes, feature success stories of players or in any way provide misleading terms that would put a player at risk.

Underage gambling is strictly forbidden. Operators may not accept players who are not of legal age to engage in gambling, and failure to comply will result in a suspension, revocation or termination of their licence agreement.

Operators must host a section on their websites highlighting the means by which a player can determine whether they have a gambling problem or not. On that page, operators must also include useful links providing players with the chance to look for help. This is where the self-exclusion tools must be displayed, in case players wish to limit their gambling before contacting an organisation or an institution that offers gambling addiction help and advice.